If you are planning on building or remodeling this year, Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home is the place to start planning your fireplace installation. The fireplace for the home is one area we find many consumers are not aware of the most recent improvements. There are High Efficiency Fireplaces today that are more advanced than ever technically and actually can heat a large portion of a house. In recent years not a lot of thought was given to the fireplace that was put in the wall. Many people have just left it up to the builder or architect to choose the fireplace for them, the only choice given to them was the style of mantle and choice for of surround material such as brick stone or marble. So long as it looked pretty that was all that was expected. Today many customers will come to our store asking for an “insert”, a “zero clearance” a “pre-fab” or a Heatilator. Many know that there is something out there better for their home but don’t know exactly how to describe it. Well we have the answer, check out our high efficiency wood and gas fireplaces.