6″ x 3″ round catalyst fits Buckmaster Clay60 & others

3 in stock


3 in stock

6″ X 3″ Catalyst

Exact outside diameter of catalyst is 5.66″ to allow it to be wrapped with catalytic gasket to fit into a 6″ pocket

We suggest to order 2 ft. of our catalytic wrap found elsewhere on this site to go along with this catalyst.

Note, used on some models of the Buckmaster and Clay60 fireplaces 1992 and earlier however, later models use the 6″ x 6″ square catalyst, check before ordering

Order this catalyst for the following stoves:
American Eagle – Early Models (Before 1992)
Clayton – All Models (Before 1992)
Earth Stove – Model 1000-C
Elmwood – Models 18 and 24
Energy Harvester
Horstman Industries – Lil Roy
Lennox – 1000-C
Olix Air Flow – All Models
RiteWay – Unicorn Retrofit
Suburban Manufacturing – Woodchief W6-88C | Woodmaster W6-88WC
US Stove – Clayton 60B/70 before 1992


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