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Blaze King is a new line for Hechler’s and yet not. We carried this very popular line of wood stoves in the early 1980’s when Blaze King had an assembly plant in Missouri. Some time later, Blaze King which is based in Washington state, closed the Missouri operation. When this happened Blaze King stoves became harder to find. Recently we have made a decision to bring back the Blaze King line.

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The size of the 1107 King model is impressive, its actually one of the largest wood stoves that we carry. It has , a variable speed fan and a very deep firebox for holding large logs and getting an extended burn time. The King model has had been tested to burn for over 40 hours on one load of wood! Many of the Blaze King stoves have an automatic thermostat which eliminates the need for constant adjustment of draft controls. It automatically compensates for the natural uneven burning of wood.

We also carry the smaller Blaze King Princess stove as well as the Blaze King fireplace inserts. The King 1107 is available in Ultra, Parlor And Classic Models * Up to 90,000 Btu’s * Incredible 82.5% Efficiency * Optional Gold Plated Doors * Mobile Home Approved (All Models) Ultra, Parlor & Classic * Operates During Power Failures * Wide-View Door with Optional Gold Trim * Easy To Clean Hinged Door * 1400 Degree Ceramic Glass * Optional Variable Speed Dual Fans * Temperature Sensor Turns Fan off/on at your Preset Speed * Limited – 5 Year Warrantee + 6 Years on Catalytic Combustor With a 4.32 cu. ft. fire box, this stove isn’t just large but deep, providing safety, the ability to load up to 80 pounds of wood and reduce ash removal intervals. With an 8” flue and an honest to goodness thermostat, the King can burn up to 40 hours on a low setting. Produces up to 47,000 Btu’s and efficiencies as high as 82.5%! Blaze King’s optional dual variable speed fans are available on all King and Princess models and will help to spread the heat throughout your home. Emissions as lows as 1.76 gr/hr. Standard painted door can be upgraded to gold plated. An optional fresh air kit also available Clearances & Specifications Performance Minimum Heat Output 8,400 Btu’s/hr Average High Heat Output 47,000 Btu’s/hr Overall Efficiency 82.5% Emissions 1.76gr/hr Wood Length 17”/23” Low Burn Time 40 Hours Unit Dimensions Width 30” / 762mm Height 34” / 863.6mm Depth 30” / 762mm Weight 435# / 197.3kg Flue Diameter 8” / 203mm

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