Buck 91 Wood Stove

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The Buck 91 Stove is known for being one of the biggest heating steel stoves with blowers. Many models of Buck Stoves can be used as a free standing stove or a fireplace insert depending on if you by the leg kit or the insert kit. Buck has a large variety of sizes such as the huge Model 91 capable of heating over 3000 square feet, which can fit into large masonry fireplaces and is one of our largest freestanding stoves.

Buck 91 Specs


Unit Dimensions
34-1/4″ W x 23-3/16″ H x 28-7/8″ D
Minimum Fireplace Dimensions
23-1/2″ H x 31-3/4″ W x 15-1/2″ D
Freestanding Clearance To Combustibles*
16″ check (Corner) – 23″ (Rear) – 24″ (Side)
Close Clearance To Combustibles**
12″ (Corner) – 14″ (Rear) – 14″ (Side)
Technical Performance & Features
Heating Capacity
1800 up to 3200 Square Feet
BTU/H Output


Firebox Volume
4.4 cubic feet
Emissions G/H
Ash Pan
Flue Size
86% (Using LHV Method)
Pre-Fab Approved
Approximate Weight
571 lbs.
Hearth Pad Size
50″W x 54″D
* The clearances listed may be reduced. Check owner’s manual for details or follow NFPA-211 code if available.

** Model 91 is tested with only double wall pipe.

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