Buck Blower Fan for Models 18, 21, 26 ,51, 74

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Out of stock

Buck Stoves blower fan for replacement purposes. Fits Buck 18, older 21,26,51, 74 and Buck 20 made after 2007.

Use on Buck  20 Blowers made after 2007 and Little John Stoves and some vent free Buck Gas Stoves

This blower has shaped mounting tabs- look at photo closely

Buck part number PESBR084

There is also a version of this same blower part PESBR085 but it does not have the little tabs or brackets on the sides like that one does.

It is the same as the blower with tabs except the tabs have been cut off.

Used on all Buck Gas units, Newer Buck 21, 74 & 261

Use this blower and just cut the tabs off yourself.



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