GF 120.65 LT fits Heatilator

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2 in stock

Universal blower, 8.32″ overall wide, blower wheel is 4.72″ wide. 80cfm

Is a replacement for Heatilator GFK 21, Novus 3630, all Heatilator possible, check your measurements

The motor is oriented and mounted to the top of the blower. Study the photo carefully.

Greenfan fans are for replacement and repair and also for new fireplace installations. Greenfan blowers are made with 65mm diameter aluminum wheels which are slightly larger (8%) and more expensive than 60mm wheels. 65 mm wheels are much quieter because larger wheels need fewer revolutions per minute to output the same amount of air. There are cheaper blowers available, if you don’t mind the noise.

The greatest reason blowers fail is that their motor bearings wear out. Greenfan uses ball bearing motors which have a 2-1/2 times longer life expectancy that cheaper sleeve bearing motors. Greenfans are made in North American , not cheaply made in China. They are backed by an unsurpassed 2 year limited warranty. Greenfan means longer life cycles by building it right the first time.

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