Hearthstone Castleton 8030

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The Castleton gives you the heating qualities of soapstone and the detailing of fine cast iron. Designed to maintain a warm, consistent heat, the Castleton is simple, reliable, affordable, and beautiful.

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Cast iron interior impact plates:

protect the soapstone when loading the stove

Top or rear flue exit:

flexible installation

Single lever stove control:

easy operation, consistent performance

Non-catalytic combustion system:

clean burning, efficient, reduces creosote build-up

Ember Protection Only Hearth Requirement


Heats up to 1,500 Burn Time up to 8hr Heat Life up to 10 hr Size 45,000 BTUs EPA Rating 2.7 grams/hr Efficiency 78% Width 25.5″ Height 26″ Depth 24″ Maximum Log Length 18″ Firebox Capacity 1.9 cu. ft. Flue Exit & Diameter Top or Rear-6″ Optional Blower Kit Yes Actual Weight (lbs.) 105 LBS. 464lbs Alcove Certified Yes Mobile Home Certified Yes

Clearances (With single wall pipe & no rear heat shield)

Side 20″ Rear 18″ Corner 10″

Clearances (With double-wall pipe & rear heat shield)

Side 15″ Rear 6″ Corner 10″

Hearth Pad

Minimum R-value Ember Protection only


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