Monessen Pilot Assembly 8428 Vent free propane LP gas 14D0477

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3 in stock

Monessen or Majestic ODS vent free pilot assembly for LP propane gas. Factory part number 14D0477. It is marked 8428 on bottom of metal bracket

This pilot assembly will also substitue for part number 14D0098 and 14D2262

Hechlers Hearth & Home in Troy Missouri stocks Monessen and Majestic pilot assemblies

Look carfully at your part, brand name and part number before ordering, make sure you know if your unit is natural gas or LP Propane gas.

Hechler’s pilot assembly will solve many problems with pilot outages. If your gas pilot flame will not stay lit or the pilot flame stays lit but goes out when you turn the gas valve to on or try to turn the main burner on, this may be the solution to your problem


 NOTE: Make sure that the wires from the pilot assemby that connect to the gas valve are tight and not loose and that they are on the correct screws on the gas valve. Make sure the brass nut on the plastic wire coming from the pilot assembly is tight into the gas valve.

SKU: 14D0477

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