Skamolex Fireplace Firebox Liner Replacement Panels

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The Skamolex Refractory Fireplace Replacement Liner Panels are perfect for repairing your prefab factory built fireplace. These fireplace liner replacement panels are perfect for replaceing liners in brands such as Majestic, Superior, Lennox, Martin, Marco, Heatilator, FMI, Temco Fireplaces. Unlike heavy refractory panels, the Skamolex panels are a lighter, compressed vermiculite panel. Unlike ceramic refractory panels, Skamolex panels can be cut with ordinary wood-working tools and produce little or no dusting. They have a high insulation value, thermal shock resistance and are approved by Omni Labs for installation as a replacement for refractory panels in factory-built fireplaces. These panels measure 1″ X 24″ X 39 5/8″ and feature a brick pattern. Buy Skamolex panels at Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home, Troy Missouri. Sorry these can not be shipped  and cannot be ordered online.   Store pick only.

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