Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home is located in the historical 1890 “Opera House” building on Main Street in Troy, Missouri.

This turn of the century of the photo was taken from the upper story window of Hechler’s Hardware. It is directly across the street from the opera house. It shows hogs being herded down the street in front of the opera house to the city scales. While there, livestock could get a drink at the spring located nearby. The scales were located in the lot next to the opera house. The building housing the scales can just be seen to the left of the picture. Here they would be weighed and then possibly sent by short line rail about 3 miles to Moscow Mills, Missouri. From there they would be shipped to market. Notice the dirt streets. From about 1890 till 1919, the opera house was located in the second story of this building. Cooley Store and Behrens Grocery Store can be seen.

Here are some of our antique stoves you can see at Hechler’s. We collect old stoves and our visitors find them interesting to see and how much has changed and compare them to what is new today.

This is a copy of a Hechler’s ad from the turn of the century when they were selling the kind of stoves we collect now!

Some old Stove Manufacturers Signs

Our Historic Marker
Our Historic Marker