05-04-00074 Mendota electronic pilot assembly 05-04-00065

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1 in stock

Newer style 05-04-00074 Mendota IPI electronic ignition pilot assembly. The assembly has the new U shaped flame sensor for better flame rectification PLUS a stainless steel hood that repels soot better, especially when using LP. This replaces old part number 05-04-00065


This is for a dual burner Mendota fireplace

Pilot arrives from the factory set for NG. To change to LP, slightly turn the pilot hood shaft 1/4 turn and Push NG/LP Adjustment Clip inward all the way to set it for LP.

Used on DXV36, DXV45, FV44i, FV33i, FV41, FV34

If you see “NAT” printing on the Adjustment Clip, this indicates that the pilot is set to burn NG.

Push Clip in so that “NAT” is not visible to change to LP


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