Acclaim 2490 Rear Brick rebuild kit 30006595

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2 in stock

Acclaim 2490 Rear brick repair kit part number 30006595, this is a newly redesigned liner kit, be sure to read the information at the bottom of this page under the diagram.

Kit Contains Replacements for:

1600151 left brick

1600152 right brick

2 each of the 1301859 sealing plate

1600154 stainless arch brick retainer

The Vermont Casting Group has redesigned the inner brick system on the Resolute
Acclaim Model 2490. The left and right arch bricks have been redesigned to be flat on
the back and more robust. The arch brick retainer used to hold both arch bricks has
been redesigned. Side brackets have been added to the inner sides to hold the left and
right side bricks more securely. Also left and right cast sealing plates (behind the arch
bricks) have been redesigned with a tapered hole so flat head bolts may be used to
secure them to the back. This will allow the new arch bricks to better sit flat against the
sealing plates reducing breakage and simplifying the arch brick design.

The new arch bricks are not backwards compatible with the old arch bricks. Vermont will no
longer make the old arch bricks so when stock of the old left and right arch bricks is used up, the
sub for replacing the old arch bricks will be Arch Brick Kit #30006595. The kit includes:
1) redesigned left and right arch bricks
2) new arch brick retainer
3) two new sealing plates
4) new flat head bolts for the sealing plates
5) instructions
If only one pre May 2013 arch brick needs replacing, both arch bricks will need to replaced at the same time using the kit as the new bricks do not mate with the old.

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