Old Buck Triple Wall Stove Single Speed Blower

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1 in stock

This is the new single speed blower that replaces the old 3 speed blower  on the old triple wall stoves. The blower has a fan blade internally on the rear of the blower while the old 3 speed blower had an exposed cooling fan blade. You should be able to re-use your old fan blade that is on the inside of the stove on this new blower. I suggest you purchase a CPI conversion kit to go with this blower when converting to the single speed blower. The CPI was what Buck Stoves called their heat sensor. The new blower uses a variable speed control so you chose the speed you want the blower to operate at. The old system has a long black heat sensor  with three snap discs that automatically choose the speed of the blower. The original sensor bar no longer available and only a substitute is made. We suggest you use the CPI conversion kit. Hechler’s Hearth & Home in Troy Missouri stocks parts for the new and older style Buck Stoves.

Used on Little Buck 26000, Regular Buck 27000 and Big Buck 28000


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