Platinum Bright Glowing Embers

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11 in stock

MUCH BRIGHTER GLOWING THAN STANDARD ROCK WOOL EMBERS.  5 Gram box of Platinum Bright Embers are an innovative product of advanced catalytic engineering.Platinum Bright Embers (PBE) are catalytic embers for your vented gas fireplace or logs. Platinum coated ceramic wool intensifies the heat of combustion while converting convective heat to radiant heat that gives the characteristic bright glowing ember. When Platinum Bright Embers are placed on top of existing mineral wool ember beds, the catalytic action of platinum causes the embers to glow with a brilliance unmatched by conventional Rock Wool embers, providing a dramatically realistic looking ember bed creating a bright flickering appearance like that of real wood ember beds. These embers radiate broadband infrared heat creating a warmer fire and reduce the formation of soot on gas logs. Platinum Bright Embers are approved for use with all Vented gas logs that have glowing ember beds. Many manufacturer’s of Vent-Free fireplaces and log sets have certified their products to use PBE and are now offering platinum embers with their higher end gas logs. If you have any questions about whether or not PBE are usable in your Vent Free appliance, please contact the customer service department of the manufacturer of your fireplace or gas logs.

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