Stove Mica or Isinglass

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Mica is used as viewing windows for older wood stoves and other fuel burning stoves.

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Hechler’s Hearth & Home stock STOVE MICA or ISINGLASS.  These are the terms used for the older material found in wood stoves used as glass. Mica or Isinglass is paper thin and is available in a variety of sizes. This type of material can be cut with scissors, a razor blade, or a paper cutter to the size that you need. 
Mica is a natural mineral that is mined, and large pieces are scarcely found, therefore the large sized sheets are at a far higher price. Even though the prices for the larger sheets may seem disproportionate,  just think of the price of a hundred very little diamonds and compare that to one the size of your fist, and it may make more sense. So it’s more economical to check to see how many individual panels are in your stove, and always try to buy more smaller sheets than cut-up larger sheets eg

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