7/8 Blaze King Wood Stove Door Gasket 6ft. 0186

29 in stock


29 in stock

7/8″  Blaze King Wood Stove Gasket. New stock number is 155-0186

This is enough gasket for Blaze King Stoves with a single handle, fits King and Princess Classic, Ultra and Parlor Model Stoves and Princess Fireplace Inserts with single door handle. Also fits the Briarwood BRII/90 stove and fireplace insert.

Caution, if your stove has two handles, use the other 1-1/4″ gasket.

You may want to order gasket glue also, an easy link to that page is https://www.hechlers.com/product/hi-temp-stove-gasket-cement/

SKU: 0186

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