Blaze King Ashford 25 Wood Insert

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The Ashford 25 is a medium sized fireplace insert. At 2.3 cu. ft., the firebox will take up to a 22″ log and can deliver warmth for up to 25 hours on low. The Ashford 25 is very clean and efficient and can heat from 400 – 1,600 sq. ft. The door features a large, 24″ x 11″, wide-screen glass viewing area with a nickel plated and hand made olive-wood door handle. Attention to detail is evident from the layered surround panel to the unique control system that allows you to select the heat you want, and is featured in Metallic Black or Chestnut Wood Enamel.

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Performance (LHV) Performance (HHV B415) Maximum heat input 311,334 BTU’s 374,490 BTU’s Efficiency 83.2% 77% (As listed by EPA) Constant Heat output on High 38,947 BTU’s/h for 8 hours 29,966 BTU’s/h for 8 hours Constant Heat output on Low 10,361 BTU’s/h for up to 20 hours 9,589 BTU’s/h for up to 20 hours CO% Weighted Average 0.12% Square Feet Heated 400 – 1,600 Maximum Log Size Up to 22″ (16″ recommended) Burn Time Up to 25 hours on low Emissions (grams/hour) 0.9 Firebox Size 2.3 cu. ft. Firebox Dimensions

Width 20½” Height 10″ Depth 18″ Weight 415 lbs. / 188.2 kg Flue Diameter 6″ / 152.4mm

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